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Genre: Mystery, humor, supernartural

Readers: Middle Grade, 8 -12

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Book One: Jenny Part's parents have had some odd break-ins in their laboratory; the cupboards where they keep all the spare body parts have been opened and searched-but nothing was stolen. The Detectives are on the case following the clue of a dried flower. Along the way they meet the strange town librarian Miss Gravewater. And why is their teacher Mr. Fangmeyer acting so strange? And is the town mayor involved?


Who’d think that the best detectives at Grimmly School in the graveyard-turned-village Bonetown were a ghoul, a werewolf, a fat vampire with glasses and a girl made from spare parts in a laboratory? But that’s what Jake Ghoul, Milton, Vlad and Jenny Parts have become: detectives. Using an old book titled How To Be A Detective: The Casebook of Deadlock Bones, the Detectives solve a multitude of mysterious mishaps in school and around the town. There is humor, a little horror, a graveyard’s worth of memorable characters and some good old-fashioned sleuthing in this series of chapter books.

Book Two: In the middle of lunch period, Milton discovers he has picked up the wrong backpack by mistake. This one is filled with dirt...and a strange skull. The Detectives follow the clues to Milton's missing backpack, which leads them to a deeper mystery. Why is Coach Flogg acting so weird? What is science teacher Miss Dalgrimple hiding? And what's up with class brain, Dead Ernest, and his science experiment?

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